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CAVE LOKVARKA - digging stones to build a family house back in 1911th. was accidentally discovered by local resident Jakov Bolf - Talijanetov.

     Today This is one of the best arranged caves in Croatia, and one of the most important tourist phenomenon in this area.

     Visitors who decide to visit the cave, on a pleasant 6.5 - 8 ° C, can see the cave ornaments of various colors and shapes, and enjoy the slow walk till bottom of the cave. The length of the walk is approx. 900m long. Total length of the cave is approx. 1200 meters. The cave consists of four galleries. Three of them are accessible for visitors. The fourth gallery has never been investigated.

All informations regarding the visit of the cave can be obtained at:
Tourist Board Lokve
tel: 00385 (0)51 831 250